Sunday, December 4, 2016

Can we transform the behavior of children?

Once a colleague asked me, While it is true that we can work on children's talent through education, can we similarly work on their behaviour? Can we influence their nature? I replied in the affirmative. But, for that, it is important that children are able to understand themselves, I added. He asked me, Does that require the teaching of matters of the soul and spirituality? Of course not, I replied. It will require the teaching of certain topics scientifically.

The day children begin to understand themselves, they will realise that they are quite similar in many ways with other children. They will realise that there are some qualities within us that are common to all. This is how education can begin to affect behaviour. This is how we can influence the nature of children. It is unfortunate that we neither have any curriculum for this, nor any policies.


  1. Awesome! Glad to see an Education Minister talking and proactively working to improve overall developmental growth among children in classroom atmosphere and in general.

    Sir, Would there be any Curriculum(/Classroom) changes to emphasize relatively more on non-cognitive factors in Education?

  2. please introduce mandatory subjects like MORAL EDUCATION and SEX EDUCATION in all govt schools and give them prime importance . That's the need of the hour in India , but you could at least do that for the schools in Delhi first and set an example for the whole country to follow

  3. Child Behaviour and Food Habits : Yes children behaviour can be modelled. Prof Maya of Stanford School of Medicine suggests that parents should take their children while,shopping for groceries. Have their children touch and,pick fruits and vegetables for themselves. This changes behaviours and children are more prone to eat fruits and veggies. Scientifically it has been,proven. Youh call it touch therapy or cognitive whatever.