Wednesday, November 9, 2016

शिक्षक का सम्मान कहाँ गया?

मेरा एक और सवाल है। टीचर का सम्मान कहां गया। बचपन से हर बच्चे को सैकड़ों बार रटाया जाता है- गुरु गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े काके लागूं पांय। बलिदारी गुरु आपने गोविन्द दियो बताय। जिस बच्चे ने लिख दिया, वह 2 नम्बर पा गया। इसमें उसने मीनिंग लिख दिया कि कबीर दास जी ने क्या कहा है, उसको 10 में से 10 नंबर मिल गए। उसे समझ में नहीं आया कि गुरु का क्या सम्मान करना है? कैसे सम्मान करना है?

जितने भी अफसर बैठे हैं उन सबने ‘गुरु गोविंद…’ पढ़ा हुआ है। सबने ये लिखकर एग्जाम में नंबर पाए हैं। लेकिन अकसर होता है कि उनके दफ्तरों के बाहर गुरु यानी टीचर्स धक्के खाते रहते हैं। उनके सामने कोई टीचर आ जाता है तो वह शिक्षा विभाग का कर्मचारी दिखता है, गुरु नहीं।

क्यों नहीं दिखता? क्योंकि जब पढ़ाया गया था तो ‘गुरु गोविन्द..’ समझने के लिए नहीं पढ़ाया गया था। माक् र्स लाने के लिए पढ़ाया गया था। वो माक् र्स ले आया। अफसर बन गया। अब कबीर की क्या जरूरत है। अगर कबीर रटाया नहीं गया होता, समझाया गया होता, कबीर के आइने में मुझे मेरी अपनी तस्वीर देखने का अभ्यास कराया गया होता तो कबीर हमेशा साथ देता।

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  1. subject: Re engagement of guest teacher in capacity of TGT Sanskrit in respect of Mr Rohit Sharma employee ID 2014030924 . with reference to above mentioned subject I have informed you that I was appointed as guest teacher in capacity of TGT Sanskrit vide order dated 27.08.2014 and posted at GBSSS ,New Seemapuri, Delhi (School I.D.1106011)w.e.f.26.08.2014 that vide order dated 21.04.2016 ,the applicant has been relieved w.e.f 21.04.2016 from the aforesaid school on the direction of DDE NE Telephonically. It is clear cut harassment of employee and violation of guest teachers rules. It is illegal and unconstitutional to terminate any person from service on telephonically without any reason or prior notice. in this regard the applicant is submitted the representation on dated 22.04.2016,04.08.2016, 08.08.2016,10.03.2016 20.03.2016 in your good office for re-engagement in capacity of TGT Sanskrit in the directorate of education but no action has been taken on the aforesaid representation till date. I have further approached the public grievance monitoring system about my aforesaid grievances. That in response of my application PGMS I.D. 201671779 ,The head school GBSSS New Delhi has informed that the applicant was misbehaving in the school with HOS as well as teachers. That all the allegations is baseless and without any truth and applicant further submitted that in this regard the attic and has not received any show Cause Notice in the past then he was working in this school. the applicant further submitted that aforesaid action taken against the applicant by the direction of Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister of government of NCT of Delhi Mr. Manish Sisodia because the applicant is taken part in agitation in regard of regularisation of the service of guest teacher and demand of fixed salary, that in this matter similar action is taken against the approximately 10 number of guest teachers. That one of guest teacher has approached the Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal bench , New Delhi by way of Transfer Application ,same is registered as T.A. NO. 15 of 2016 ,and same is disposed by the Hon'ble CAT ,PB.New Delhi vide order dated 16.03.2016 in which the O.A. is allowed and quash and set aside the impugned order 21.04.2016 by which the applicant was disengaged and further direct that the applicant be re-engaged as a guest teacher Immediately. In view of aforesaid submission and to the consideration of the order dated Delhi-110095 16.03.2017 of the Hon'ble CAT ,PB ,New Delhi in T.A. No. 15 of 2016 please re-engaged the applicant as a guest teacher in the capacity of TGT Sanskrit immediately in the interest of justice. Yours faithfully Rohit Sharma A-105 near mother dairy New Seemapuri Mo. No. 9540498301