Sunday, November 6, 2016

What we teach KABIR?

I dont think there was anyone more honest and a more bitter critic than Kabir. We teach our children Kabir and his doctrines in the 6th class. After so many years of teaching Kabir, how many children imbibe Kabir in their lives? Forget about children, those who have done their Phd’s on Kabir, in the lives of how many of those do we see the reflection of Kabir? If we are unable to rise above religious superstition, caste distinctions and segregations based on notions of superiority and inferiority, what is the point of learning Kabir. The shortcoming is not in Kabir. He has shown society a clear mirror. But do we actually try to examine ourselves in this mirror? We limit our thought process to questions like who was Kabir, what were his teachings, what did these teachings mean and writing down how many lines would earn how much marks. The process of teaching Kabir and learning Kabir becomes an exercise in vain. What difference would it make if Kabir was not taught at all?

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