Monday, November 7, 2016

Science: A subject or way of thinking

I feel most disappointed when I visit the science classes. Why do we learn Science? Only to become engineers, doctors or scientists? If the student who is taught science does not have a scientific temper or a scientific thought process, then teaching science is a futile exercise. If an engineering student believes that just by reciting a ‘Hanuman Chalisa’,(s)he will clear the exam, then it would be safe to believe that her/his education is pointless. I am not opposing religious beliefs or practices, they have their own importance and their own place. But it is also important that our kids are absolutely clear in their minds that to score good marks in their exam, they would have to study better. Prayers would not earn you good marks in examinations. And if a student of science does not have a scientific thought process, then who will?

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