Sunday, November 13, 2016

Glorification of past- our addiction

The world is always driven ahead by a forward-looking society. Only those who focus on the future can achieve success. I was once hearing a wise man speak. His analogy for this was interesting. He said, if a vehicle has to move forward, it must have a large windshield and a small rear view mirror. While one is driving a car, if the windshield were to be as small as the rear view mirror and vice versa, it would be the recipe for an accident.
These same accidents are commonplace in our society today. As a society, we are always busy in glorification of our past. Most of our time, energy & resources are being consumed in this glorification of past. On the contrary, the time we spend on future dreams and efforts to fulfil them are very little as compare to the past.
It’s like having a huge rear view mirror to look into the past and very small windshield. With this approach no society can become forward looking.
This needs to change, at least when it comes to education. Children in our classrooms must be encouraged to look forward more often than to focus on the past.

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  1. Very right..we must push the learners to think forward