Monday, November 28, 2016

Too much glorification of past : our national time pass

When I see the books of school children these days it seems to me that we seem to worship antiquity a lot. And maybe that is why our children grow up and stay lost in a glorified past. As in – we have a glorious past, India was a world leader, or India was known as the golden bird etc. It may have been true at one time. But where is India today? Where will we be tomorrow?

The thing is that we are not future-oriented. We must stop chanting the glories of the past. It seems to me that had Einstein been born in India, we would have created a chalisa prayer in his name. There would have been a temple of him in the Himalayas. And we would have said, “Go and do a circuit of Einstein Baba’s temple while reciting the Einstein chalisa. You’ll understand all science!”

Our education overemphasises our celebrated past. It appears that a huge chunk of our educated society is drowning in the glorification of the past – of our nation, of our family and self.

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