Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jab Zeero Diya Mere Bharat Ne…

As an Indian citizen we keep glorifying our past by saying that' ZERO' was invented by us. We teach our students that zero were invented in India by Aryabhatt 1500 years back. But we never ask our self what we did after Aryabhatt invented zero for us. We just sung the song - ‘Jab zero diya mere Bharat ne…’ We are happy with songs of glorification only. Yes, its matter of pride that zero was invented by India but it should be matter of concern that it was not used by us to move ahead. Today, the same zero has been used by American & European scientist. The whole cyber world has been created by using zero. And what are we doing? We are following them for jobs. And glorifying our past like ritual prayers.

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