Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Chess for life

I went to a Chess competition which had more than 1500 student participants. I told the children that this competition would have one winner and one runner up and they would take the trophies home. But what would others take away? A defeat? Since, there can only be a winner and one runner up. I then asked, "Have most of you, then, come to lose? What is the point of coming here then?"

I told them, "Your coming here means that you know chess. Chess means we can understand and value all that we have, understand the value of each pawn, even of those who are on the sides. We can learn how to use each and every resource judiciously and wisely. And even when entire army isn't there, each soldier must fight with courage. You must all understand this point. This is what Chess is all about. Chess can teach us lot about life. Those who understand Chess can understand life. This is the real value of Chess. Hope you all learn this"

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