Friday, November 11, 2016

Neat, clean & well maintained, But …?

When I visit schools, I feel sad to see that children of grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 are not able to read their own textbooks. Once I was in a school having a nice building, led by a dynamic and energetic Principal. It was clean, well maintained, having a decent green cover in its campus. But when I entered a 10th grade classroom, I was taken aback by the poor quality of education. I saw a stack of leave applications in one corner of the room. In many of the applications, there were several spelling mistake. I asked all children to write in their sheets some of the common words misspelt in all applications. I found that an alarmingly large section of children had problems in spelling the simplest of words.
I was surprised to see that 20 percent of the students were not able to write words 'Shadi' (marriage) and 'Aapki' (Yours). Half of the students misspelled the word Vidyalaya (School). 70 percent of the students were not able to write Brahmin in Hindi.
And this was a senior class in one of the good Hindi medium schools!

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